Brajesh K. Singh

The Four Keys to Joyful Living

Brajesh works with people to ensure they live more joyful lives.

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About Brajesh K. Singh

Brajesh brings to the table having lived on four continents and travelled to over thirty countries - fluency in 3 languages including Hindi, twenty years as the engineering go-to expert for inter-connecting machines, having attended Landmark, Speaking Circles, Getting Real, Authentic Relating, Non Violent Communication, NLP and Gratitude programs, earned a Bachelors degree and Masters degree in Computer engineering, having received multiple awards for innovation and performance - he noticed something was missing from peoples lives and he combined his knowledge of machine communication and human interactions and while on a sabbatical he developed a program to engineer joyful lives. An award winning speaker, he has spoken in front of thousands of people and inspired them with his message.

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By listening to his talk your audience will see the possibilities in their life with a new pair of eyes. They will walk away knowing how to add excitement in their life TODAY. They will have a tool for living joyfully in every moment.


" As host of The Moth, I hear a lot of stories, and get to meet a lot of storytellers- Brajesh is one of my favorites. His authenticity, sense of humor and lighthearted approach to life's quirks make him an unforgettable speaker. His voice is graceful and warm, and he always has a way to capture the listener with his rich details. It's always a pleasure to hear Brajesh's stories!"

Gabriela Fernandez

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